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Our pilots have achieved the highest ratings awarded by the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada for Instructors and Tandem Pilots.  As it is dictated by the HPAC that all tandem flights be Instructional Flights, you can be assured to have all your paragliding related questions answered by your Advanced Rated Instructor and Tandem Pilot before, during and after the flight.


At Kootenay Paragliding, our equipment is inspected every flight, tested regularly, and upgraded continually. Weather conditions are re-assessed every flight to ensure suitability. 

Instructors/Tandem Pilots 


Our Certified Tandem Pilots are also Advanced Rated Instructors who will strive give you the most fun and educational paraglding experience possible. Our Tandem Pilots are passionate about what they do: and it shows!


Jason "J" Leus

J co-founded Kootenay Paragliding in 2005, and has been flying paragliders accident free since his first flight in 2003.  His infectious personality and sense of humour, combined with an incredibly disciplined focus and attention to detail, create an instructor and tandem pilot who has every student's and passenger's fun and safety as his top priorities.


Joaquin "Joaq" Klein

Joaq co-founded Kootenay Paragliding in 2005 and has also been flying paragliders accident-free since his first flight in 2003. His current status as a certified snowcat skiing guide employed at Baldface Lodge, and previous experience as a rock climbing guide, verify that Joaq has earned the title of professional risk mitigater. His ever-vigilant focus on safety does not detract from his love of life and laughter. Together he and J have built Kootenay Paragliding with the mission to offer the most comprehensive instruction to students and tandem passengers contributing to the safest and most fun flying experiences possible.


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