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At Kootenay Paragliding we offer certification programs for those who want to pursue the sport of paragliding, those who want to upgrade their existing certification, and those who want to convert to a Canadian certification. We also offer guiding for experienced pilots seeking local knowledge and logistics concerning local established XC routes.


WHY PARAGLIDING? Paragliding is the simplest, safest, purest, most affordable, and most practical form of aviation there is. It will literally and figuratively take you to heights you've only dreamed of.  Its open cockpit provides an unparalleled multi-sensory experience. It's tiny packing size and light weight make it easy to transport anywhere: check it as regular luggage, put it in the trunk of your car, on your back, on your motorcycle, whatever. Perhaps the most powerful and empowering product of learning to paraglide is gaining an ever-expanding knowledge of air dynamics, and the associated skills you will learn to find and use these invisible forces. Fly for hours, long distances, with birds, with other pilots, and always for fun and ALWAYS cleanly, quietly, and without fuel.

Kootenay Paragliding Adventures Coaching and Debriefs
Beginner(P1) and Novice(P2) Certification
Student Pilot $1600CAD,  Novice Certification $3400

These two separate courses are run when student numbers are adequate. Both are required to be completed in order to fly paragliders unsupervised. They seek to teach basic paragliding skills in accordance with the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada's latest curriculum.


The courses blend the teaching of practical and theory requirements starting on the ground and progressively moving into the air. The focus during all certification courses is on the promotion of safe practices through education regarding: the proper care and maintenance of equipment, understanding weather and its affects on air dynamics, best judgement concerning when to fly, proficient handling of the wing on the ground and in the air, right of way, airspace, respect of all stakeholders, and the progressive transfer of responsibility from instructor to student.

improve your paragliding skills in the impressive kootenay mountains.
Intermediate(P3) and Advanced(P4) Certification
Intermediate Certification $1000,  Advanced Certification $1000

These offerings include help navigating the requirements for each certification, 

invigilation of the written exams, confirmation of all airtime/flight requirements (logged requirements), confirmation/witness/guiding through demonstrated skills (other than SIV and XC) and knowledge requirements (over 2 days), and the required rating application to HPAC.

These courses do not include supervision through all the required logged flights, but instead offers guidance with skills development and confirmation of skills and achievements required for each certification.

speedflying and speedriding courses in canada.

Speedflying / Speedriding

Speedflying endorsement N/A at this time.

Speedflying (foot-launchable) and speedriding (ski-launch only) have come into the limelight with massive youtube popularity and spectacular footage driving adventure seekers to buy equipment and start having fun. Training for this specialized niche is a requirement in Canada as there is a different set of extremely high potential risks accompanying both these Speedy disciplines.


Both speedflying and speedriding are more dangerous than their cousin paragliding. Speedflying and speedriding are done in much closer proximity to the ground, at much higher speeds, using wings that have both extremely poor recovery characteristics and ultra-critical launching requirements. Acquiring the P1 and P2 certification is critically important in order to gain: an understanding of air dynamics, profficiency with canopy control, and vital skills concerning conditions assessment BEFORE attempting to speedfly or speedride. We can help. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll be flying!


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