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Top 12 Reasons To Start Flying Now

1. There is a local paragliding school in the Nelson, BC area with experienced, patient and caring instructors that want to see you succeed.


2. Almost anyone can become a paraglider pilot.


3. Paragliding is the simplest and most immersive way to get into the air.


4. Paragliding is clean, green, and silent!


5. With practice, you can fly for hours and/or long distances without a motor. Not one drop of fuel.


6. Paragliding is beautiful, serene, inspiring, and exciting all at once.


7. Paragliding lets you soar with birds while feeling and listening to the wind.


8. Paragliding is far more affordable than any other form of flight.


9. Paragliding is the safest form of aviation.


10. Paragliding sites and pilots are everywhere (in our little corner of the Kootenays, in BC, in Canada, and the world).


11. Paragliding makes you feel just how those great flying dreams do.


12. A paraglider fits into a backpack, can fit in the trunk of a car, is easily carried, and can be checked as regular luggage at the airport. Most are approximately 35lbs, some special hike-and-fly set-ups can weigh less than 10lbs! 

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