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 High Quality Equipment for the Sky


Paragliding is a sport that requires absolute confidence and trust in the equipment we use. It is difficult to contain our excitement with our opportunity to represent and offer these ultra-high quality, time-tested brands. All wings and harnesses are inspected and tested as a final redundant safeguard prior to being relinquished to any student or fellow pilot.


If you need help determining which regional instructor to purchase from, finding the appropriate gear for your needs, or have questions about prices, we'd be happy to help. Call us @(250)777-1238 or email:



Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic by Eastern European intellects with an all consuming passion for freeflight and design: simultaneously pushing the boundaries of performance and security in flight.  "Fly in Peace."


Explore their site starting here.



A Slovenian/Czech cooperation with a history rich in design benchmarks, a present unbridled love of the sport, and a future of unyielding innovating. Find out more about them by exploring their website here.

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